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Flying Fist Machines WIP stages

Here are the Work In Progress stages for my pixel art piece Flying Fist Machines.

Made with: MS Paint

Size: 320*256

Colors: 45

Time taken: about 6 days


First I made a pencil drawing on a A4 size paper, then scanned the A4, resized the scan result to 320*256 and reduced image colors to 16 gray scale (the original raw scan image had over 900 colors, so this is why a color reduction was needed, but in 16 colors the drawing was still perfectly readable).

This is the 320*256 - 16 colors version of the original drawing scan:

Then I started pixelling over this image, first I choose the basic colors for different elements:

After this I pixelled the fists:

And then the sky:

And then I added some finishing touches, and the image was complete:


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