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Graf Spee "work in progress" stages


Here are all the WIP stages of my "Graf Spee" pixel art piece.

First, this is the reference picture that I used, which I found in an old Matchbox model kit catalog:

As you can see that is a nice painting of Graf Spee, made by Roy Huxley. Cool images like this can be found in the cover of every Matchbox model kit box.

You can see photos of the actual Matchbox box here:


So, what I did is a "pixel art" version of that painting:

I followed the reference image very closely, and basically replicated the line art of the ship. Although some structures and details I made differently, and also some small things were left out. And although it's a direct copy, I drawed everything by hand, no tracing or other special techniques were used.

For the water and the sky I took some more liberties, although they too follow the general look of the reference pic.

Making this pic was interesting, and I'm happy about the end result. But of course all I had to do was to copy everything: all the "artistic problems" like image composition, perspective, dimensions, color choices and balance, and many other things had already been solved for me in the reference image. So I didn't actually make a great picture of my own, but rather copied a great picture made by someone else. :)

But even though it's a copy, it still required some hard work and patience to get it done...converting a painting to the pixel format has it's own challenges. But it was fun, and the end result looks good. And in fact in the future I might do more of these. I guess it depends on how many favourites I get at Pixeljoint. :D

Tools used   : MS Paint
Time taken   : 5 days (working about 6-8 hours per day, so about 30-40 hours)
Image size   : 438*182 pixels
Image colors : 42


Work stages:




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