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Here's a small update on the latest project.


The blueprints and the data file structure for my "game maker program" are now ready, and this means the actual coding/programming process will now start. So we are entering the critical phase here. :)

Some of the program routines can be copied from my older programs, but a lot of new ones must be made as well.
And I don't know how hard those new routines will be.
But in theory I should be able to make them.
So let's hope everything goes well...

I'll try to get the first version ready during this month. And that will be the Beta version; which allows me and everyone else out there to test the capabilities of the program, and to find bugs, and so on. And gradually the program will then evolve from there.

Right now it looks like that the first release will be mainly a "shoot 'em up construction kit" type of it has been designed to make 2D shooting games, with support for vertical and horizontal scrolling, as well as static screens. This is probably the easiest game type to make an editor for, so this is why I'm making this module first...and then later I'll add more features to this "basic engine", so that the user can create as many different game types as possible.

But more info will come later, as the program neares completion.

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