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Here's the Amazon's logo:

The main thing here is that orange arrow under the letters...
At first glance it looks like a smiling mouth or something...

But when you pay closer attention to it, you'll notice that the arrow starts from the letter "A" and ends at the letter "O".
So it points from A to O.
AO = Alpha and Omega.
The beginning and the end.

Also notice how the letter "Z" seems to "jump up" a little bit in order to give more space to the arrow's head.
And the letter "Z" of course is the "code letter" for "God"; Z=156, God=156.

So, not even God can avoid the Beginning and the End.
Because in the beginning God is born, and in the End he/she/it will die, in order to be born again.

The nature of reality is like an endless stream of Alphas and Omegas, "A"s and "O"s, which form a stream of "AOAOAOAOAOAOAOAO"s, or , if we use binary code, "1010101010101010101010"s.
This "AO data stream" is the "program code" of reality, and "God" is the self-conscious program execution process which/who experiences and creates this code; and this is the purpose of existence for him/her/it/us.

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