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Hehe, I have forgotten to tell you, that some time ago, with some memory help from the SharpUsersClub forum, I finally found the original classic game to which my Bug Blaster "re-make" is based on.

The original was a game called Cosmic Jailbreak, and it was released for the Commodore Vic-20 in the beginning of the 80'ies. :D

And information about it is almost non-existent...
But I found one Youtube video which contains a short piece of gameplay footage from it:

The video has 3 games in it, Cosmic Jailbreak starts at 1:50.

And as you can see, I remembered things quite well from my childhood. :)
Almost everything was accurately copied to Bug Blaster:

All that is needed is a distant memory of something, and by tuning into that memory, and into the idea or archetype that make up that memory, one can accurately reproduce that something in the present. For all memories are actually made of the same substance as ideas; and so both can be channeled into your logical mind, and transformed into physical manifestations in this world.

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