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Version 4.0 has been released

Get it here:


This is a huge update, which adds a lots of improvements.
The most important ones are:
- Object Template limit is now 1000, so there can now be 1000 different type of game objects, instead of the old 200.
- The Image System now supports multi-image "imagestrips".
- The "Energy Bar" feature has been finally added. (For both the Player Object and for the Boss Object.)
- Margin Scroll has been hugely improved, and it's "activation lines" now can be freely set in the Map Editor.
- Copy-Paste features added for the GFX-screen and Object List: You can now quickly copy-paste any Object or Image, and place them anywhere. This makes many things a lot easier and faster: making object animations is now about 10 times faster, and also making many almost similar game objects is now super-easy, because now we can simply copy-paste an existing object template instead of manually copying everything.
- "Turbo clone" feature added to Test Room. (this allows you to instantly create hundreds of game objects)
- And also again a lot of bugs have been fixed, some of which were pretty bad. :D
- + many other things.


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