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Hi everyone, this website has been down for a few days, but now it seems to be working again. :)

Ucoz has been under a massive DDOS attack since 6th of July, so almost all sites hosted by Ucoz have had problems for the last 7 days or so. And the attack is still going on I think, but it would seem that the worst is now over.

If interested, you can check out Ucoz server status here:

I don't know what the exact situation is right now, but the announcement there says that the attack is still going on, so it is possible that this site may suddenly become temporarily inaccessible again. But don't panic if that happens, it'll always come back. Let's hope for the best, I'm sure that Ucoz will fix all these problems soon.

Ok, looks like the attack has stopped now, so everything is back to normal again. :)

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