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Ok, here are again the latest news regarding the M484GCS:

Some time ago I decided that one more big update is still needed before the program is "use-worthy" and "launch-ready".
So, Version 6 will be the next thing I'll do.
Originally I hoped that V5.0 would have been "The One", but it's not...

...Because the program still lacks these critical features:
- Intro screens for displaying logos at the program start-up.
- The ability to place animated objects and tiles into the "Shell Screens".
- A 100% compatibility between projects made with different program versions.
- Ability for the Editor to load more than one "gamefiles" project.
- A few more script options, so that game objects can react better to the Player Object. (Player "X/Y line" dependent script activation, and so on)
- And some other things.

Of those things, I have already completed the first two, and the rest will be completed during this month I hope.

And then the program should finally be at "Gold Status", and we can finally put our world conquering plans into action. :)

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