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Ok, I have again decided to change things a little bit here in this website. :)

The Proboards forum experiment has been abandoned for various reasons, and instead I have re-installed the Ucoz forum module to this site.

So, when you now click the "Forum" link in the Site Menu, it now takes you to the forum of this site, and not to the Proboards forum. I'll close the old Proboards forum soon. It was a mistake to separate the forum and this main site in the first place; in the end it just complicated things and created new prob(oards)lems lol. :D

So, the uCoz "user module" is now back online, and you can now again make user accounts here. Or in fact, when you register, you'll get a global "uID account" which allows you to login into any uCoz site, not just this one...and also those people who have made an account here previously will be able to login with their old uID accounts. :)

So, this is it folks, from this point onwards this site is 100% Ucoz. Cool, efficient, safe and ad-free (for 3$ month).



There is now a funny big white "panel" in the top of the site, which follows you everywhere. :)

This is a new Ucoz invention called a "Social Bar". It has buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and some others. These allow you to "like" and "share" the current page content that you are viewing here.

If don't like it, then you can minimize it by clicking on the arrow.

I don't know how it works, or if it works, but it should work. :)

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