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M484GCS Version 8.0 Released

Ok, version 8.0 has been released and the download links have been updated:

Now I have put this new version to this site only, but I'll update the IndieDB profile too during this weekend...but first I need to take some new screenshots in order to make a "big post" announcement there. :)

There's a lot of new stuff in this update:

Firstly the Platformer "mode" has been now added, and it somehow even works I think...there's a platformer animation template+Game Gravity+Gravity Flag for all objects...although for now gravity only works for the Player character I think. And the "ladders" have not been implemented yet. So the platformer mode is still very "basic": the framework is there, but a lot of things had to be left out from this update; adding everything would have meant one more month of programming...

So what we have now is just a Player that can run left and right, and Jump and Duck. And that's it lol.
But the other things will be added as time goes on.

But lots of other things have been added too, such as:
- 3 collision methods for all objects (PIXEL PERFECT, HITBOX and IMAGEBOX),
- Fully working Transform Value Inheritance and Script ID Get tables (a big improvement to the object system)
- A Visual XY Coordinate Editor where you can use the mouse to set "shot offsets" "hitboxes" and "gun locations"
- A separate "Margin Scroll speed" (so that it won't be tied to the level scroll speed anymore)
- A customizable editor background color
+ many smaller upgrades and bug fixes

This version update was a very time consuming process; a lot of problems were encountered during the creation of the new collision methods (3 collision methods---> 3*3=9 ---> 9 possible collision types). Also the stop wall collisions were broken twice and a lot of time was wasted into repairing them. Also creating the platformer animation model was something new to me: it is both "gravity sensitive" and "jump status" sensitive, but also has normal "frames", and also it needs to "realize" when it is standing on a solid surface...all this was a big headache to make, but now I think I got it working OK. And making it work was also a personal victory for me; now I know that I can actually make a platformer game, and not just "shmups". It's always a "Level Up" event for the programmer when you achieve something new. :)

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