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This is an interesting case:

A man in Sweden has been convicted for sharing one movie on the internet and gets a fine of about 500 000 euros.

Usually fines in these cases aren't this high, but here we are seemingly witnessing a new "calculating logic"...

In most cases I think that they calculate some sort of imagined "loss of profit" amount that the copyright holders might have suffered because all these X amount of people who now watched the movie for free on the internet, might have instead bought it if the free version wouldn't have been made available by the convicted person.

But in this case
we see a new type of "loss of profit" speculation, which goes like this:
The person who shared this one movie for free, instead theoretically possibly actually might have bought official distribution rights to the movie instead of sharing it without permission. :D
And the list price of official distribution rights for this particular movie was about 500 000 euros.
So they give the person a fine of 500 000 euros. :D

But I guess that this is still just a normal fine; even if the person in question would somehow pay it, he still wouldn't have any distribution rights to the actual movie, only the fine would be paid.

So, the "logic of the law" here is this:
Because this man shared this one movie without buying an official distribution license from the copyright holders, the copyright holders have now made an imaginary loss of 500 000 euros, and the man in question must now pay to them this amount. :D

This is really a hilarious verdict. :D
This stuff is something that you might expect to come out from the mouths of the penguins of the "Dark Court" in the game Disgaea 2 lol.

But sadly, this is reality.

I'm speechless.

And I don't know if this is a right moment to post this song, but here goes:



Also, some days ago we had Independence Day here in Finland.

Here is some footage from the festivities:

Ice hockey is a very popular sport in Finland; this is why they swing those sticks in the air. :D

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