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So, there went another Christmas. :)

As presents, I got 20 pairs of socks and a new pillow. :D

The socks are very useful, I have found that all my socks break quite easily, even though I don't move so much.
But now I have a good stockpile of them. :)

And also the pillow is cool: big, white and soft. A good present for someone who sleeps a lot;
My brain is big and wise, and I need to rest it often to avoid overheating. :D

And as usual, I also got some chocolate:
A long brown box with the word "Fazerina" in it, but the contents are barely edible lol.
And also I got some sort of "peanut bags" filled with stuff like: salted peanuts + salted raisins + chocolate covered peanuts + cashew peanuts etc...Too bad I don't see any squirrels outside right now, they would probably love this shit. :D

But maybe I could donate the peanuts to Trussell Trust, which could then give them to the hungry British people:

Because it would now seem that there is a food emergency in the UK, and things are expected to turn into an actual famine next year. :(


And also the UK "esoteric content" internet censorship thing should now be turning into "active" status if I have understood correctly.
So let's see if M484 Games gets added into the "block list" too.
I can't know if/when this will happen, because I'm located in Finland, but if someone who lives in the UK notices that my site is blocked by the new "censorship firewall", then I would like to hear a confirmation about it.


And about my software projects:

I have basically just rested this whole month, so all my projects have been in the "pause mode".

But when 2014 now starts, I'm planning to go active again. :)
The plan is to use the first 2 or 3 months solely into getting some M484GCS Games released.
During December I have made some additional gfx for "Side Blaster"; enough for 3 I can now finish this game and release it as a "full game" instead of the current "demo version".
And after that I'm planning to make a few other smaller "full games", possibly using the automatic "procedural level creation" trick, in the hopes of achieving fast results.
And also there is that one secret co-operation game project, which hopefully also gets finished at some point. :)

Here is one robot that I made for Side Blaster, this will be the Boss of Level 2 I think:

So, when March 2014 comes, I should have about 3 new games released, maybe more if we're lucky.
Let's see how this plan goes. :)

And after this, I'll most likely make another update to the Numegalogy: Version 4 has been planned for some time now, and most likely I'll do it after this "game rush". :)

And after that, I don't know to what I'll turn my focus into, too early to say.

But anyways, this all means that most likely the M484 Game Creation System itself won't be getting a next upgrade until May 2014. Only if critical bugs are found, they'll be fixed (and we may in fact have one, check bug section of the forum), but otherwise I think it'll now take 4 months or so before the next major upgrade for the M484GCS is released.

But don't worry, I'll continue the project once I get all this other stuff done. :)


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