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5:53 PM
That time again

So, there went another Christmas. :)

As presents, I got 20 pairs of socks and a new pillow. :D

The socks are very useful, I have found that all my socks break quite easily, even though I don't move so much.
But now I have a good stockpile of them. :)

And also the pillow is cool: big, white and soft. A good present for someone who sleeps a lot;
My brain is big and wise, and I need to rest it often to avoid overheating. :D

And as usual, I also got some chocolate:
A long brown box with the word "Fazerina" in it, but the contents are barely edible lol.
And also I got some sort of "peanut bags" filled with stuff like: salted peanuts + salted raisins + chocolate covered peanuts + cashew peanuts etc...Too bad I don't see any squirrels outside right now, they would probably love this shit. :D

But maybe I could donate the peanuts to Trussell Trust, which could then give them to the hungry British people:

Because it would now seem that there is a food emergency in the UK, and things are expected to turn into an actual famine next year. :(


And also the UK "esoteric content" internet censorship thing should now be turning into "active" status if I have understood correctly.
So let's see if M484 Games gets added into the "block list" too.
I can't know if/when this will happen, because I'm located in Finland, but if someone who lives in the UK notices that my site is blocked by the new "censorship firewall", then I would like to hear a confirmation about it.


And about my software projects:

I have basically just rested this whole month, so all my projects have been in the "pause mode".

But when 2014 now starts, I'm planning to go active again. :)
The plan is to use the first 2 or 3 months solely into getting some M484GCS Games released.
During December I have made some additional gfx for "Side Blaster"; enough for 3 I can now finish this game and release it as a "full game" instead of the current "demo version".
And after that I'm planning to make a few other smaller "full games", possibly using the automatic "procedural level creation" trick, in the hopes of achieving fast results.
And also there is that one secret co-operation game project, which hopefully also gets finished at some point. :)

Here is one robot that I made for Side Blaster, this will be the Boss of Level 2 I think:

So, when March 2014 comes, I should have about 3 new games released, maybe more if we're lucky.
Let's see how this plan goes. :)

And after this, I'll most likely make another update to the Numegalogy: Version 4 has been planned for some time now, and most likely I'll do it after this "game rush". :)

And after that, I don't know to what I'll turn my focus into, too early to say.

But anyways, this all means that most likely the M484 Game Creation System itself won't be getting a next upgrade until May 2014. Only if critical bugs are found, they'll be fixed (and we may in fact have one, check bug section of the forum), but otherwise I think it'll now take 4 months or so before the next major upgrade for the M484GCS is released.

But don't worry, I'll continue the project once I get all this other stuff done. :)


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Good luck to you with your games' release Master484. Have something(s) that have been sidelined to more pressing concerns, but far enough along that it would be wrong not to finish. Nice work again on the M484 GCS update. Enjoy the Holidays.

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