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So, we have now reached the last week of February...
And after joining PixelJoint at the start of this month, I have now been sidetracked from my original goals; instead of finishing my game projects I have just drawn pixel art pictures and participated in art challenges. :D

But the time wasn't wasted; during this one month I have made 6 pictures and some game sprites too. :)

Here are all the 6 pictures I have made during the last 4 weeks:

Turbo Race

Wizard vs FireSoul

Peach Leaves Mario

Paladin in Trouble

Beaches of Texentown

Ice Colony

I would say that the quality varies from good to average, with that "Turbo Race" picture being the best of them.

I have now also added a "Pixel Art" and "Random Pictures" sections to the "Photo Albums" here:

But when I make new pictures and game graphics, in most cases I always first put them to my OpenGameArt and PixelJoint galleries, and then some time later I eventually add them to this site as well...the reason for this is that through OGA and PJ my works get a lot more attention, while this my own website is more like a "personal blog" and a place where I can keep my downloads. :)


And also, as some of you may have noticed, earlier this month I changed the "licenses" of all my free game graphics sets:

All of them are now released as "CC0", which means that they're now 100% in the Public Domain, free of all copyrights (or as free as the law permits them to be), and can be used freely without giving me credit. This I hope will maximize the value and usefulness of the graphics that I have made, and will make in the future.


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