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Ok, after some delays the coding part for the Numegalogy version 4 is finally complete. :)
The newest version will be released at Herspace in the near future, I'll make a separate news post here once that happens.

And so, now I can continue my other projects.

A semi-quick update for the M484GCS will be the next task, so that we will finally get rid of that Win8 full screen crash...I have now heard this crash happening on one other Win8 machine too besides my own, so most likely it's a common problem after all, and should have been fixed earlier.

But better late than never; I'm hoping to get the update out this month (in addition to the crash fix I'm going to do some other small things too), and after that our great game making program should be theoretically semi-useful again, and even I would say; worthy of a shiny "Windows 8 Compatible, Really" -sticker, hehe. :D


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