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Here are the latest news folks: I have now decided to learn C++.

And things are going quite well, C++ doesn't seem so hard as I imagined: Because I already know how to program things, it's just a matter of learning new syntax and a new "programming logic"...The main difference to BlitzPlus is that in C++ all "extra commands", such as graphics and sound commands, are located in "3rd party" libraries (meaning that you have decide which libraries to use), and that the program source code should be split into many small parts (one sub routine = one file)...and then there is some hassle with linking the libraries, and remembering to manage the "memory stuff" yourself...but that's it really.

Here are the tools that I'm using:

CodeBlocks is the C++ editor/IDE. It's really good and makes many things easier: automatic brackets creation, comes with a ready-to-use compiler, remembers the variable names that you have used earlier and gives a "suggestion list" where you can pick the correct one, and many more handy features.

And SFML is the library that I hope will provide all the graphics, sound, keyboard and other things that I need...It seems really good, but I have not yet tested it. But soon I will: I think I'll first convert some of my older games to C++; Color Guess and Bug Blaster will be the first ones.

And if everything goes good, then good, I'll start using C++/SFML as my main development language. :)

But what if everything goes bad? Well, then I suck and will quit game programming lol.




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