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Ok, Color Guess has now been translated to C++/SFML, and the new version is downloadable here:

It's still mostly the same program, expect that the graphics have been upgraded somewhat, and the number of colors has changed from 10 to 8...I made the new buttons too large, so only 8 of them fitted in. But it doesn't matter so much, it's now a little bit easier to "hit" the correct color, but also the "percentage to beat" has risen to 12% instead of the old 10%.

My C++ studies are going well, and most of the basic stuff is now clear to me, both in C and in SFML. So far SFML seems like a good replacement to Blitz+, so I think I'll eventually translate all my programs to it, including the M484GCS. Although the task is quite big, so I can't say when that will happen.

But let's progress one step at a time: next I'll translate Bug Blaster to SFML, and this game will actually get some shiny new graphics and a new name too, a total transformation so to'll see it when it's ready. :)


And also, as you may have noticed, Numegalogy version 4 has still not been released, and most likely it will be delayed for at least one month more. This is because Numegalogy Version 4 will be a commercial product, and so the "finishing phase" is taking a little bit longer than usual. But be patient, it'll come. :)



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