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Happy summer everyone, new stuff has been added to the graphics section again. :)

"Open Gunner Expansion pack 3" and "Mini Knight" are the new sets, the first one can of course be found in the Open Gunner section, and the second one is in the "Other" category.

Or just get them from my OGA gallery:


The Open Gunner expansion pack 3 adds better forest tiles, one new mini turret enemy, a big "skeleton boss", and also boss health bars.

The "Mini Knight" on the other hand is just a quick and small sprite set that I made a while ago, it's a sort of a "little brother" of Knight of Finlandia. :)


The Open Gunner gfx set has already become quite popular, and many people have contacted me and told they're using it in their games.

Here is a video of a recently released Android game called "Antroc" that uses the Open Gunner sprites:

The game is made by Kirworks, and you can get it from the Google Play store:



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