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Thievery Corporation - Wires and Watchtowers

Added by: Master484 | Date: 2012-07-29 | Comments (0)

What's the name of the game, asks this song.

Yes, what indeed? I have several name candidates for my next program, and one of them I must choose. And I'll probably choose the coolest name that I have in my mind...

And what might it be? Well, you'll see it when the time comes. :)


So the next program will be a "game creator" of some kind.

The aim is to make this creator as simple and as easy to use as possible.
The only thing that the user has to do, is to provide his/her own graphics and sound files, and then to "build" the game using the program's editor.
No programming, no complex menus, no hassle...just copy, paste, and push the button, and that's it.

There will probably be some limitations, especially in the first release version, but as time goes on, I'll then add more and more to it.

The current plan is to make a game creator, which can easily replicate most 8-bit and 16-bit action/arcade games.
So, the games that one can make with it, will probably resemble the classic console and computer games; C64, Amiga, NES, SNES, and so on.

Because I'll have to draw the line there, in order to keep it simple and fast.
So modern 3D games are out of the question...
In fact, gaming years 1980-1993 is the "timeframe" we are talking about here...

So it'll be able to do only 2D games, like platformers and shoot'em ups.
And maybe also "classic 3D", if I decide to add a simple 3D module to it.
But it's too early to give any accurate details.

So, I'll now concentrate my efforts on programming the first release version.
And when it's ready, it will then become the "main product", around which this little "game company" will spin. :)

Added by: Master484 | Date: 2012-07-17 | Comments (0)

I found this "music video" interesting. It draws lines between musical notes as the song goes on, and the resulting patterns greatly resemble the line images or sigils produced by the God's Calculator.

Music and geometrics are both based into mathematics, and here we can witness this unity in a visual form.

Added by: Master484 | Date: 2012-06-30 | Comments (0)

Here is a great song and video to raise your morale.

Hammerfall - Templars of Steel:

Are you a Templar of Steel ?

Then let your heart beat for the...Revolution !

Added by: Master484 | Date: 2012-06-19 | Comments (0)

Ok, time to "tweet" my status here again.

After finishing the latest Numegalogy update (2.0) some time ago, I have been thinking on what to do next.

In the past I have started various "mega projects", for which I have made plans and graphics, and in some cases even some code...but in all cases I have given up on them, because they were so huge. These projects include a "game creator", strategy games, RPGs, and stuff like that. But all of them are mega huge, and slow projects for just one person to make.

And I actually started continuing one "space strategy" game project, and managed to push it a few centimeters closer to completion. But then I gave up on it. It would take something like 6 months to complete...and I lack the discipline to commit myself into a project for that long time.

I'm a "rush programmer". My style is to complete things fast. And when I try to program a big project, I start it full of energy, and try to finish it fast. And usually good progress is made in the beginning. But then at some point I realize that I have just completed something like 5% of the project, and 95% still remain. And then I lose motivation, and abandon the project.

Right now I have nine (9) such incompleted projects in my files, and all of them are in the "5% stage".

So maybe I should just stay doing small programs, because that is what I do best. But I think one day I'll complete one of the big ones too. And in fact they aren't necessarily so big anyway...they just feel big, because they're so ambitious. Let's see what I decide.

Added by: Master484 | Date: 2012-06-10 | Comments (0)

Check this out:

It seems that half of all computer users in the world have their "hands dirty" when it comes into using and creating pirate software.

But surely this doesn't come as a surprise to anyone.

Piracy is the inevitable antithesis for putting a price on software. People like it free.

This is one reason why I have decided to offer all my own software as freeware. And also, if I put a price into my programs, then I would also deny some people's the access to them. So Free as the Freeway is my way.

There is also one additional point to consider in this piracy question, that I have never seen mentioned anywhere: If everything that exists is actually pure data, pure information, then one could claim that no item should have price, because it conflicts with the "freedom of information" principle. So if we want to have true freedom of information, then we can't put a price on any item. Think about that.

And then some music from the "good old days" :

Added by: Master484 | Date: 2012-05-31 | Comments (0)

This building is the headquarters of a Spanish bank called Bankia:

And those red lines in it look just like the Numegalogy grid lines:

Hehe, so as you can see, the Numegalogy software is gaining popularity; whole buildings have been modelled after it.

Added by: Master484 | Date: 2012-05-26 | Comments (2)

Okay, here it is at last ladies and gentlemen, the long awaited Version 2.0 of the Numegalogy software.
The download links have been updated, so get your copy from here:

This new version is a major update, which adds the Element Mode, a brand new icon interface, new color customizing options, mouse tooltips, new graphics, better text editing options, and more. These new upgrades greatly boost the functionality of the Numegalogy software, causing it to both look better and work better than almost any other freeware occult program out there.

But of course at this stage this program is still quite rare, and not many people even know that it exists. And getting it more well known of course relies quite heavily on "word of mouth". So if you like it, then tell your friends about it. Mention it on forums and facebook. And if you have either a facebook or a twitter account, then you can just click the facebook- and twitter-buttons that are on the front page of this website.


This software program and the Numegalogy System that it is based on, both have the potential to become popular. The fact that this is an "original research" magic system shouldn't be a hindrance, instead, it is in the originality where the strength of this system resides.

It's good to remember, that all the popular occult systems that are used today, like astrology, numerology, tarot cards and so on, were all 100% "original research" in the beginning. Because first there had to be somebody, the world's first astrologer or the world's first numerologist, who first made up these things in his mind. Then he wrote some notes into a piece of paper, and then released his notes and other material into the public, in the hopes that they might be useful to someone else in addition to the original inventor. And then these systems spread around, basically just by word of mouth, and eventually became popular.

The same of course goes for scientific inventions. For example all the popular mathematical formulas that are taught in the schools today, originated from "original research". In the beginning somebody had to invent them all, to figure them out, and to create them out of thin air.

In fact everything that exists in the world comes from original research. When new knowledge enters our world, it doesn't come through books or science magazines. It comes through people's minds. New knowledge is like intelligent light; it circles around and seeks out the jewels that are our minds, and then reflects itself through them into the world. This is how all "research" happens.


Added by: Master484 | Date: 2012-05-16 | Comments (0)

I just stumbled across this video, and decided to put it here to support the maker of it.

Although without a doubt most people visiting this website already knew most of this.
But not necessarily everyone.

So here it is:

Money is debt, debt is slavery, and the super rich banker families control our lives.
That stuff.

There are actually quite many good "truth videos" like this in Youtube.
A single video like this, if it would reach millions of views, and would go viral around the net, could awaken a large amount of those people (the majority) that still live in the dark.

But of course, most of those people who find and watch vids like these, are those who already knew all of this.
For example I found this video from the Unexplained Mysteries website, because someone posted it there...but that's a so called "truthseeker" website, so most people in there already know these things.

And that's the problem in this "telling the truth" thing:
The message is not reaching any "fresh people".
We "Truthers" just circulate our "truth stuff" around the same circles.
Although occasionally someone new stumbles in the "truth sector".
And so the message slowly spreads.
One people at a time.

But almost nobody from "the ignorant masses" makes google or youtube searches for these things. So even when the material is there, openly presented, and uncencored, it still won't get any serious attention.

So the Annoying Orange clones and the latest cute animal videos still win the "the internet media race" with flying colors. One could even make an Ultimate Truth Video, which would last over 100 hours, and which would tell absolutely Everything, but still it wouldn't matter anything; a random 3 minute nonsense video would still get more views in one day, than what such a truth video would get in five years.

And so, because the people the won't come to the truth, the truth must go to the people.
We the truthers must break into the "comfort bubbles" where the ignorant people live, and force them to listen.
That is the only way, if the truth wants to be heard.

This my little website is one such effort, desperately trying to attack the "videogamer race" with the truth...
And so far the results have been poor.
But I won't give up.

And yes, I do have a Plan...
But more about that later.

Added by: Master484 | Date: 2012-05-13 | Comments (0)

I found some "swearing parrot" videos from Youtube, and thought I would put them here.
They're so funny.

First, a parrot repeats some random episodes it has heard from daily scottish life:

And then, another parrot says it wants a biscuit...and some other things:

Many parrots are great at repeating things that they have heard from their owners and from their surroundings. And when they do that, one might think that they're actually intelligent, and understand what they're saying. But most often they're just simply repeating words and sentences, and don't really know the meanings of the words...although there have been some rare exceptions to this rule.

But while I was watching these videos, and wondering the learning abilities of these birds, I started thinking about human learning processes as well: Is our own "learning" process really so different from the bird learning?

Because most things that we learn in schools, and at home, and from our friends, and from the media, are basically just simple "life lessons" and "mantras", like rules, thought forms and beliefs...and after we have learnt these lessons, we will then repeat them to others, just like parrots do, and live our lives "as we were taught" and "as everyone does". And that's how parrots live too: they live like they were taught, and as other parrots around them do. So where's the difference?

We go through our lives basically "repeating words" such as "work", "school", "friends", "facebook", "shopping", "good time", "money", "Jesus", "Allah", and so on. Our lives circle around these things; and this is the "repeating exercise", we repeat these things...but in the end all of these things can be broken down into single words...and after you have done that for all things in your life, you then have in your hands the "parrot's word set", that you're repeating day after day.

And even when we learn something radically new, like a completely different worldview from what we have had up to that point, even then we're not freed from this learn-repeat process...We simply adopt the new values (or words), and start repeating them instead of the old values (words). But eventually we became bored to these new words, and then partially go back into the old words, mixing the two "instruction sets" in our minds, randomly repeating both of them.

So, we are just like parrots.

I'll have a biscuit, boy.

Added by: Master484 | Date: 2012-05-10 | Comments (0)

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