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Just made some more spaceships, about 100 of them to be accurate lol.

These were originally meant for a space strategy game project that I started some time ago, but in all likelyhood the project will end up cancelled, so I have no need for these ships...Public Domain as usual, the file has been added to the GFX section and of course to my OGA gallery too. :)



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For those who are interested, I have finally decided to publish my own personal full "GC number list" here:

I don't think that there's anymore any point for me to keep these things "secret". And what secret is there anyways? The whole system is basically a simple number addition table and the results are totally open for personal see what you want to see.

But yet, these simple number results have the potential to drive people insane; it is as if the secrets of This Reality would be suddenly put in front of us...for some, it means nothing...but others see the truth...and as they say, it is truth that drives men insane...Sorry folks, it's true. We are all screwd. :)



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Warning: Finnish Language

Ja tähän väliin pieni uutispläjäys kaikille kotimaan gangstereille:

Elikkäs Kela ei enää tee maksusuunnitelmia pienituloisten asiakkaidensa kanssa, vaan koko summa maksettava heti kerralla, ja jos ei onnistu niin suoraan ulosottoon ja luottohäiriömerkintä. :D

Eli jos vaikka sait jostain syystä vähän liikaa opintotukea jota sitten peritään takaisin, niin parasta löytyä säästöjä joilla maksat koko höskän takaisin kerralla siltä istumalta...muuten ulosotto kutsuu. :)

Tämä kaikki perustuu Kelan "uuteen ohjeistukseen" jonka julkitulo on sopivasti ajoitettu juuri tähän siirtymävaiheeseen ennen vaaleja...vaikeampi vetää ketään vastuuseen kun ei isossa salissa istu ketään, eli niin sanotusti vanhanaikaisella hoidettiin tämä uudistus.

No, käyhän se valtion kassavajeen paikkaus näinkin: laitetaan vain kaikki Kelan asiakkaat ulosottoon, get our cash back from the white trash. Eli arvioisin että about noin 50% kansasta piakkoin ulosotossa...ulosotolla Suomi nousuun! Way to go Kela, keeping it gangsta. :D

Täys katastrofi tästä kyllä seuraa, sanokaa minun sanoneeni...mielenkiintoista nähdä kenen päätä tästä päätöksestä sitten aikanaan vaaditaan vadille, vai "normalisoidaanko" tämä menettely osana tätä isompaa Kela uudistusta, jossa mm. toimeentulotuki siirtyy Kelalle, ja tyynesti kuitataan kysymykset vetämällä sitä ns. perusläppää eli "Tästä on jo Päätetty". :)


And the same story in English:

Once upon a time there was a country named Finland.
The End.



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Some days ago I watched this movie "Sucker Punch", a true cult classic without any doubt. :D

Well, it's a quite confusing movie that has a mixed reputation: most people seem to think that it sucks, but some say that there are all sorts deeper messages in it and so on...

But right after finishing watching it I too thought that it simply sucks and that's it, and that the only good things were the hot girls, the action scenes and that rap song.

And the only question circling in my head was: I want them all, but if I could choose only one, who would it be lol? And actually, this question really bothered me, but in the end the answer was obvious. :)

But then I had the feeling that there must be more to it, so I put some of the stuff "through the God's Calculator", and found a few interesting things.

Here are some of my findings:

The word "Sucker Punch" gives the value 834.
The word "Babydoll" gives 438.
So they're number "mirror images" : 834 "backwards" is 438.

Here are some other "hits" on the number 438:

Goddess = 438
Number = 438
Pulse = 438

Also, when 438 is converted to an octagonal value we get 666.

So, the main character "Babydoll" is the same as "Goddess", "Number", and also is connected to 666, the number of the beast and the sun.

And then we have the "snowflake connection", I wonder how many people paid any attention to this little detail: In the movie when Babydoll travels from the "real world" to the "dream world", there is always a snowflake that lands on her eyelash. :D

Ok, but so what? Well:

Snowflake = 636
Number Magic = 636

So, the snowflake represents the magic of the numbers, and the magic of the goddess...and this is all connected to the music and the "pulse = 438", because music is basically pulses: in the air, but also on other mediums...and as the music plays, things change, both in the dream world and in the real world.

And 636 = 63 = 36 ==> 636 contains two hidden 666's ; two suns and two worlds, connected to each other via number magic; mathematics.


And so, from all this we get a clear "Goddess Awakening" story/message : listen to the music inside you, and open your soul to the Goddess, and you too can become a superwoman/superman, an instrument that plays the music and amplifies it. :)


And also in the beginning of the movie the narrative tells us to "listen", because "personal messages" to us can come from any source: from anywhere and from anyone...

But to hear the messages, you must first want to hear.
And you won't want that, unless you have some good reason.

Think about this:

Why would YOU want to get personal messages from angels?
What would you want them to say, and why?
Once you know the answers to these, then you are ready to hear.



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Just released a new explosion pack:

I have added the file to the graphics section. Hard to believe but this is actually just the second explosion set that I have made; the first one was made last year and it has became quite popular...and I believe this one will see some "real use" as well. The whole set is Public Domain / CC0 as usual.

And also I have added another article to this site, check it out:



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I have made the first expansion pack to the Open Gunner gfx collection, and have added the new graphics both to here and to OpenGameArt, check it out:


This pack adds a forest tileset, lots of new enemies, and some new moves to the hero.

More stuff will come in the future.


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Hi everyone, time to cheer up the mood a little bit. :)

The previous post on this blog was so depressing that I wonder what the people think, that now the guy has sunken into melancholical self pity and alcholism lol? But that's not the case, I've been working on some other stuff, which is now in "pause mode".

And also I have started making pixel graphics again...and I have found out that I actually enjoy drawing more than programming, I think this is because the results are instantly visible and easier to draw something and instantly see whether it's good or not. And I think I'm getting better all the time, and already feel quite comfortable drawing all sorts of stuff.

Here's my latest GFX project that I just posted to OpenGameArt, and made a section for it to this site too:

"Open Gunner" is the name of the set, and it looks quite good I think. Stylewise I aimed for a combination of Turrican, Megaman X and Contra and all sorts of cool animations are here, including wall jumps and 12 direction shooting. And it's a free GFX set, released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, so you can use these graphics anywhere, just remember to mention me as the original author of the GFX.

I think I'll gradually expand this set in the future, and maybe make some more cool stuff too, depends how much free time I have in my hands. :)


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So, as you may have noticed, for the last few months things have been pretty quiet here.

In short the story is this: Around November 2014 I totally lost my motivation and power to continue these programming projects, and also other things have been taking my attention and time.

The original plan was to get the Numegalogy SFML translation ready by Christmas, but in 2 months I got only about 20% of it done, and it's unlikely that it would be completed any time soon. And so, the whole Numegalogy Project has now been cancelled, and the program has been pulled out from the Her Space store. The thing is that without the SFML translation the program would have most likely been incompatible with the upcoming Windows 10, and as such it can't be really sold.

And so, we now have a product that was intented to be commercial, but can't be sold. But also because of the commercial goal and the months of work invested into it, we just can't simply release it as a free download again. So the Numegalogy software is now stuck in a limbo of sorts, and it's future is uncertain.


But all the other programs here are of course still free and available for download, and will remain so as long as this site continues to exist. And exist it will; I have bascially paid the service costs until the next ice age. :)


But all of this stuff: the M484GCS, the God's Calculator and the others may not work at all on future Windows versions, unless I translate them C++/SFML, or unless BlitzPlus somehow gets a major version update. And it's the massive translation job that really broke me: I just can't write all of those code lines again. In the M484GCS alone there are over 50000 lines, and while the end result of those lines is a really cool program, translating those lines into a completely different coding language certainly isn't cool...If I was paid to do it, I might go for it, but for free, no thanks.

Some of you might now wonder why I won't put up a Paypal donation button, or gather funds through Patreon or some other thing, or maybe try to sell the M484GCS for some small price...Well, in short the story is this: I'm "in benefits", and have to report my monthly income to the "authorities" here. All money that I would get, either from donations or software sales, would be directly deducted from my benefits. So that sort of thing wouldn't help at all...I'll rather make everything available for free. And now some of you might wonder, didn't I just sell the Numegalogy a while ago? Well, the sales were handled by my friend Ennea on her own website, and because of my situation an agreement was made that all the money from the possible sales would have gone 100% to her, unless the program somehow became a "super hit" that would sell in the tens of thousands...which it most certainly didn't. :)


So, but what else is there to say?

Is this the end of M484 Games? I don't know.

Right now a lot of my time is going into other matters, that I won't discuss least not yet. Maybe in the future my new project and this "games site" could be combined, but right now that's still in the distant future.

So let's just play the Game Over cutscene from Wing Commander 4:




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Ok, here it is at last: Numegalogy Version 4.

The product description and links in the Numegalogy page have been updated:

This version brings many new features, such as updated visuals, multiple themes, a theme editor that you can use to make your own themes, a cool in-program reference guide, and some other improvements.

And also, as I mentioned in an earlier post, starting from this version the program also costs a little bit; you can buy a product license from the shop at Her Space.

After making a purchase there, a download link and a code-key will then be send to your e-mail address, and then you use the code-key to activate the program. And once you have bought a product license it also automatically gives you access to all possible future versions of Numegalogy.

I hope that numerology fans and other enthusiasts will find this program fun and useful. Lots of work has gone into this project during these 3 years that the program has existed, and now I'm happy to see it in it's "final" state; the program is now ready. :)

( Although at least one upgrade to it will still soon come : SFML translation. ) :)



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Ok, I think it's time to tell the latest development news again. :)

Firstly, the C++ conversion of bug blaster is going well, and if I really wanted I could release it next week; and it would be a nice little shooting game just like the BlitzPlus version...But, it would also be a little bit "unfinished", just like the Blitz version now is.

So I think I'll polish it more until I'm 100% satisfied with it...I think that the game concept itself has that certain "arcade potential", and that is my goal now: to make it as good that it could be a coin-op machine sitting in a 80'ies or 90'ies arcade game hall.

And what I'm also considering, is to make it commercial. So instead of making it a free download, I would publish it through some goog online store. :)

But that can only happen if the game is super good indeed, so I have decided to work on it until it reaches that stage, and then try my luck at the game stores...let's see what happens.


Secondly, the next version of Numegalogy will also be released soon. In fact, technically the program itself has already been ready for some time, but this version will also come with a large amount of documentation and other extra stuff, and creating all of that takes a lot of time. But, just like with all products, the longer it takes to make, the better it'll be. So, be patient. :)



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