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And so ends the year 2011, and 2012 begins.

And to celebrate this event, I actually have a present for you.
Because the new program is now ready.
It's called "Numegalogy":

As you can see from that picture, this program was created as a co-operation project between me and Ennea. The Numgalogy system was originally created/discovered by Ennea, and then we teamed up to make this program; she made most of the graphics, while I programmed it. 

You can download the program here:
(original link removed, because this Lite version no longer exists)
(Get the full version instead: )


So, happy New Year 2012 to all !

Soon we'll see if the world really ends at 24.12.2012 or whatever.

Although some sources said that it should have already ended at 2011.
These sources included the "New Age Bible" Ra Material/Law of One.
Although Ra said in it, that it should end approximately at 2011.
Give or take a few years.
So there's still hope.

I'm Ra.
Is there an enquiry?


But anyways, let's not insult the Ra Material too much.
It's a great book.
If you read only one book in 2012, then read the Ra Material.
And if you have already read it, or are not just interested in these things, well, then why not read a good poker book?
Who knows, you might actually start winning.

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Okay, boys and girls, it's that time of the year again !

Yes it is!

Like it or not!

It's Christmas!


But unfortunately I don't have any presents for you.

Except for these three Youtube videos:

First, an official Santa Claus commercial from the 80'ties I guess:

Then, we have actual footage of Santa, trying to find his car apparently:

And looks like he eventually found it, but his troubles didn't end there:


And finally a small health tip: if it's something brown, then don't eat or drink it.

Merry Christmas.

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Let's now follow this Thor Liberty story, since we have already begun.
Here's the latest:

The explosives are being loaded back to the ship, and this time they'll be stored inside containers, like safety regulations require.

"An exclusion zone of 1,000 metres will be imposed during the operation and airspace will also be secured. "
Yeah, so that Santa Claus won't be hit, if the whole thing blows up in a pillar of flames.
Ho ho ho!
Welcome to Finland, cowboys.

"A consignment of 69 Patriot missiles also found on the Manx flagged vessel was earlier taken to a Defence Forces storage facility for explosives. "
I wonder how long it takes for them to get those Patriots back...
C'mon, Allied troops in South Korea are in dire need of extra missiles, now that North Korean invasion seems imminent, lol.


But hey, aside from the comedy value, there's a romantic side to this story as well.

Just imagine being one of those harbour workers who are loading the ship...
The weather is cloudy, wind is blowing slightly...
It's winter, but not too cold...
You're loading the ship at a lazy pace, and chewing bubble gum...
...while listening this song:

And Thor Liberty is slowly swaying in the waves...

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What a strange show we have going on here:

A cargo ship named "M/S Thor Liberty" was halted in the Finnish harbour of Kotka a few days ago, because it carried military explosives in an unsafe manner.

The explosives should have been stored inside cargo containers, but they were not.
Although the article doesn't tell how they were stored, if not inside containers...
Did they like roll freely around the floor, lol?

An investigation was launched, and then they found out something else.
The ship also carried 69 Patriot missiles.
But they were listed as "fireworks" in the cargo manifest:

What a joke.

" The missiles have been turned over to the Finnish Defense Forces. "
Thanks guys.
We will need them if the Russians someday attack us. :)


Apparently the ship was going to South Korea...
...but then got stuck in Finland.
Bad show James.

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If you thought that the Large Hadron Collider was cool, then check out the Massive Neutrino Hunter. Although it's not yet ready, but when it is, it will be the second biggest structure in human history, after the Great Wall of China:

" Neutrinos may or may not move faster than light, but regardless, they're special little things. They speed through the planet, and through you, and through everything; but, chargeless and puny, they interact with their surroundings so minimally that other particles hardly take notice. "

Yeah, think about that.
The neutrinos are much like our Meritocracy Movement.
We are everywhere, but still almost nobody takes notice, lol.

And check out this picture in the end of that linked article.
This is called the "Photomultiplier Tube With Connectors", and it looks like a gamepad made for octopuses:

I wonder what kind of games would octopuses make and play, if they could.
Hm, what a weird thought.
But maybe I'll continue thinking about it, if I run out of inspiration some day...

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Not everyone appreciates flushable toilet rolls:

' The product was introduced in Finland this autumn under the brand name Lotus Flush & Go by the US-based paper company Georgia-Pacific.

"The inner roll is designed to dissolve in moving water," says Heidi Toivola, marketing director at the Finnish subsidiary of Georgia-Pacific. She explains that is made of the same materials as the toilet paper itself: pulp and corn starch

The product was singled out for the dubious honour by Finland's biggest nature magazine, Suomen Luonto, which is published by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. '

I myself see this specific toilet roll often, since "Lotus Soft Embo" is my favourite toilet paper brand. But I never flush the roll. Instead I throw it to trash. Because trying to flush it might be risky...the roll doesn't dissolve right away, and so it might get stuck somewhere in the pipes, who knows...So it's more safe to just throw it into trash.

Although if you check that link, there they test the roll, and it indeed dissolves when put into water. And there's a funny picture series about the test, and in the last picture you got blue letters floating in dirty water. ' The labelling text did not fully dissolve. ' like they informatively tell us, lol...

I wonder what might happen if I drank that "Lotus water"?
Would I become as wise as Wikipedia is?
Who knows...

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Just stumbled upon an interesting news article:

" Finnish researchers have developed a groundbreaking new method that allows scientists to study how the brain processes different aspects of music. The study is pioneering in that, for the first time, it reveals how wide networks in the brain, including areas responsible for motor actions, emotions, and creativity, are activated during music listening. "

So, if you just waste your days sitting at your computer and listening music, you might still achieve something in the "brain department"...


But seriously speaking, this discovery is quite remarkable. Although the people have always known this in some level or another, but now we have scientific proof.

And WE found this out.
WE here in FINLAND.
Pretty cool huh?   :)

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