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I just stumbled across this video, and decided to put it here to support the maker of it.

Although without a doubt most people visiting this website already knew most of this.
But not necessarily everyone.

So here it is:

Money is debt, debt is slavery, and the super rich banker families control our lives.
That stuff.

There are actually quite many good "truth videos" like this in Youtube.
A single video like this, if it would reach millions of views, and would go viral around the net, could awaken a large amount of those people (the majority) that still live in the dark.

But of course, most of those people who find and watch vids like these, are those who already knew all of this.
For example I found this video from the Unexplained Mysteries website, because someone posted it there...but that's a so called "truthseeker" website, so most people in there already know these things.

And that's the problem in this "telling the truth" thing:
The message is not reaching any "fresh people".
We "Truthers" just circulate our "truth stuff" around the same circles.
Although occasionally someone new stumbles in the "truth sector".
And so the message slowly spreads.
One people at a time.

But almost nobody from "the ignorant masses" makes google or youtube searches for these things. So even when the material is there, openly presented, and uncencored, it still won't get any serious attention.

So the Annoying Orange clones and the latest cute animal videos still win the "the internet media race" with flying colors. One could even make an Ultimate Truth Video, which would last over 100 hours, and which would tell absolutely Everything, but still it wouldn't matter anything; a random 3 minute nonsense video would still get more views in one day, than what such a truth video would get in five years.

And so, because the people the won't come to the truth, the truth must go to the people.
We the truthers must break into the "comfort bubbles" where the ignorant people live, and force them to listen.
That is the only way, if the truth wants to be heard.

This my little website is one such effort, desperately trying to attack the "videogamer race" with the truth...
And so far the results have been poor.
But I won't give up.

And yes, I do have a Plan...
But more about that later.

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