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Okay, here it is at last ladies and gentlemen, the long awaited Version 2.0 of the Numegalogy software.
The download links have been updated, so get your copy from here:

This new version is a major update, which adds the Element Mode, a brand new icon interface, new color customizing options, mouse tooltips, new graphics, better text editing options, and more. These new upgrades greatly boost the functionality of the Numegalogy software, causing it to both look better and work better than almost any other freeware occult program out there.

But of course at this stage this program is still quite rare, and not many people even know that it exists. And getting it more well known of course relies quite heavily on "word of mouth". So if you like it, then tell your friends about it. Mention it on forums and facebook. And if you have either a facebook or a twitter account, then you can just click the facebook- and twitter-buttons that are on the front page of this website.


This software program and the Numegalogy System that it is based on, both have the potential to become popular. The fact that this is an "original research" magic system shouldn't be a hindrance, instead, it is in the originality where the strength of this system resides.

It's good to remember, that all the popular occult systems that are used today, like astrology, numerology, tarot cards and so on, were all 100% "original research" in the beginning. Because first there had to be somebody, the world's first astrologer or the world's first numerologist, who first made up these things in his mind. Then he wrote some notes into a piece of paper, and then released his notes and other material into the public, in the hopes that they might be useful to someone else in addition to the original inventor. And then these systems spread around, basically just by word of mouth, and eventually became popular.

The same of course goes for scientific inventions. For example all the popular mathematical formulas that are taught in the schools today, originated from "original research". In the beginning somebody had to invent them all, to figure them out, and to create them out of thin air.

In fact everything that exists in the world comes from original research. When new knowledge enters our world, it doesn't come through books or science magazines. It comes through people's minds. New knowledge is like intelligent light; it circles around and seeks out the jewels that are our minds, and then reflects itself through them into the world. This is how all "research" happens.


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