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Check this out:


It seems that half of all computer users in the world have their "hands dirty" when it comes into using and creating pirate software.

But surely this doesn't come as a surprise to anyone.

Piracy is the inevitable antithesis for putting a price on software. People like it free.

This is one reason why I have decided to offer all my own software as freeware. And also, if I put a price into my programs, then I would also deny some people's the access to them. So Free as the Freeway is my way.

There is also one additional point to consider in this piracy question, that I have never seen mentioned anywhere: If everything that exists is actually pure data, pure information, then one could claim that no item should have price, because it conflicts with the "freedom of information" principle. So if we want to have true freedom of information, then we can't put a price on any item. Think about that.

And then some music from the "good old days" :

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