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Not everyone appreciates flushable toilet rolls:

' The product was introduced in Finland this autumn under the brand name Lotus Flush & Go by the US-based paper company Georgia-Pacific.

"The inner roll is designed to dissolve in moving water," says Heidi Toivola, marketing director at the Finnish subsidiary of Georgia-Pacific. She explains that is made of the same materials as the toilet paper itself: pulp and corn starch

The product was singled out for the dubious honour by Finland's biggest nature magazine, Suomen Luonto, which is published by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. '

I myself see this specific toilet roll often, since "Lotus Soft Embo" is my favourite toilet paper brand. But I never flush the roll. Instead I throw it to trash. Because trying to flush it might be risky...the roll doesn't dissolve right away, and so it might get stuck somewhere in the pipes, who knows...So it's more safe to just throw it into trash.

Although if you check that link, there they test the roll, and it indeed dissolves when put into water. And there's a funny picture series about the test, and in the last picture you got blue letters floating in dirty water. ' The labelling text did not fully dissolve. ' like they informatively tell us, lol...

I wonder what might happen if I drank that "Lotus water"?
Would I become as wise as Wikipedia is?
Who knows...

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