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Let's now follow this Thor Liberty story, since we have already begun.
Here's the latest:

The explosives are being loaded back to the ship, and this time they'll be stored inside containers, like safety regulations require.

"An exclusion zone of 1,000 metres will be imposed during the operation and airspace will also be secured. "
Yeah, so that Santa Claus won't be hit, if the whole thing blows up in a pillar of flames.
Ho ho ho!
Welcome to Finland, cowboys.

"A consignment of 69 Patriot missiles also found on the Manx flagged vessel was earlier taken to a Defence Forces storage facility for explosives. "
I wonder how long it takes for them to get those Patriots back...
C'mon, Allied troops in South Korea are in dire need of extra missiles, now that North Korean invasion seems imminent, lol.


But hey, aside from the comedy value, there's a romantic side to this story as well.

Just imagine being one of those harbour workers who are loading the ship...
The weather is cloudy, wind is blowing slightly...
It's winter, but not too cold...
You're loading the ship at a lazy pace, and chewing bubble gum...
...while listening this song:

And Thor Liberty is slowly swaying in the waves...

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