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If you thought that the Large Hadron Collider was cool, then check out the Massive Neutrino Hunter. Although it's not yet ready, but when it is, it will be the second biggest structure in human history, after the Great Wall of China:

" Neutrinos may or may not move faster than light, but regardless, they're special little things. They speed through the planet, and through you, and through everything; but, chargeless and puny, they interact with their surroundings so minimally that other particles hardly take notice. "

Yeah, think about that.
The neutrinos are much like our Meritocracy Movement.
We are everywhere, but still almost nobody takes notice, lol.

And check out this picture in the end of that linked article.
This is called the "Photomultiplier Tube With Connectors", and it looks like a gamepad made for octopuses:

I wonder what kind of games would octopuses make and play, if they could.
Hm, what a weird thought.
But maybe I'll continue thinking about it, if I run out of inspiration some day...

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