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What a strange show we have going on here:

A cargo ship named "M/S Thor Liberty" was halted in the Finnish harbour of Kotka a few days ago, because it carried military explosives in an unsafe manner.

The explosives should have been stored inside cargo containers, but they were not.
Although the article doesn't tell how they were stored, if not inside containers...
Did they like roll freely around the floor, lol?

An investigation was launched, and then they found out something else.
The ship also carried 69 Patriot missiles.
But they were listed as "fireworks" in the cargo manifest:

What a joke.

" The missiles have been turned over to the Finnish Defense Forces. "
Thanks guys.
We will need them if the Russians someday attack us. :)


Apparently the ship was going to South Korea...
...but then got stuck in Finland.
Bad show James.

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