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And so ends the year 2011, and 2012 begins.

And to celebrate this event, I actually have a present for you.
Because the new program is now ready.
It's called "Numegalogy":

As you can see from that picture, this program was created as a co-operation project between me and Ennea. The Numgalogy system was originally created/discovered by Ennea, and then we teamed up to make this program; she made most of the graphics, while I programmed it. 

You can download the program here:
(original link removed, because this Lite version no longer exists)
(Get the full version instead: )


So, happy New Year 2012 to all !

Soon we'll see if the world really ends at 24.12.2012 or whatever.

Although some sources said that it should have already ended at 2011.
These sources included the "New Age Bible" Ra Material/Law of One.
Although Ra said in it, that it should end approximately at 2011.
Give or take a few years.
So there's still hope.

I'm Ra.
Is there an enquiry?


But anyways, let's not insult the Ra Material too much.
It's a great book.
If you read only one book in 2012, then read the Ra Material.
And if you have already read it, or are not just interested in these things, well, then why not read a good poker book?
Who knows, you might actually start winning.

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